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Home DNA Banking

Why not store your DNA sample at home using our home DNA banking service?
Your preserved DNA sample can help in cases where a DNA is needed later on,
perhaps for legal?purposes, relationship or identification purposes

Order now £25

Home DNA Banking

Price: £25
Testing: Applicant test only
Timeframe: Dispatched on receipt of payment

Home DNA Banking – Storing Your DNA at Home

Why not store your DNA sample at home using our home DNA banking service? Your preserved DNA sample can help in cases where a DNA sample is needed later on, perhaps for legal purposes, relationship or identification purposes.

The sample may prove useful later in life as blood relatives may want to check for hereditary illnesses in the family and genetic disorders. People in high risk jobs can also benefit from having their DNA sample at home – such people might include security personnel, oil rig workers, fire-fighters, police, construction labourers, ground maintenance workers etc. Their DNA sample can be used as a control for comparison and identification in the event that something tragic happens. Police investigations may also benefit as the DNA sample can help in the identification of a missing person or an unidentifiable body.

Sample Collection Procedure

Sample collection is done by means of a special kit we supply. Once the samples are collected, they can be stored for up to 11 years. The sample can be stored anywhere, so as long as it is at normal room temperature and away from extreme sources of heat, chemicals etc.

The actual sample collection procedure is pretty much straightforward – we have created a user friendly sample collection kit which enables a self-sampling process in the comfort of your own home.

What does the kit contain?

? A sterile, medical finger lancet
? Instructions
? FTA card

The person whose DNA is to be stored needs to simply use the lancet to gently puncture the tip of the index finger and then squeeze the tip of the finger – this will cause a few blood drops to come out which can then be collected on the FTA paper. The FTA card must then be left to dry and placed into its pouch – it is now ready for storage. If you are interested in more information about this test, please contact us.

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